What is agg?

About agg

Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (or AGG) is composed of stylized and natural total body movements. The philosophy of the sport is founded on harmonious, rhythmic and dynamic movements performed with the natural use of strength. This sport combines dance and gymnastics with grace and beauty. 

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It’s a relatively new sport. It was founded in Finland. The first AGG competition was organised in 1950 although the first world championship took place only in 2000. All rules are defined by the International Federation of Aesthetic group Gymnastics (IFAGG https://ifagg.sporttisaitti.com/) which was founded in 2003. There about are about 40 countries registered with IFAGG.


Each team is allowed a minimum of 6 and and a maximum of 14 gymnasts. Each routine should be between 2:00 and 2:45 minutes. All movements such as lifts, balances, body waves, jumps, swings, leaps, pivots and dance steps should smoothly flow from one element to another creating one beautiful performance. Teams are required to perform certain required moves as a part of each routine beyond which they are given the liberty to explore their creativity.


How it's Judged:

The routines are judged based on three aspects, technical merit, artistic display and execution. For technical merit, the routine is judged on the difficulty of the requires movements, balance and jumps. Artistic display judges the routine for rhythm, musical interpretation, display of figures and creativity. Execution looks for coordination, uniformity, and simultaneity of the routines. Points are awarded to each team based on the three aspects. The team with the most points at the end of the event is declared as the winner.